Gears Tactics Free Download PC Game With CODEX

Gears Tactics Free Download PC Game With CODEX

Set in the Gears Tactics Free Download, Gears Tactics is a thrilling turn-based strategy game. Splash Damage and The Coalition have created a new and exciting entry in the series, complete with strong tactical gameplay and a gripping plot. Gears Tactics is a special treat for fans of the Gears of War franchise and strategy game aficionados because of its stunning visuals, difficult objectives, and strategic complexity. Gears Tactics explores the beginning of the Locust battle, 12 years before the events of the first Gears of Battle game. In the game, you take control of Gabe Diaz, a brave soldier and skilled strategist. To defeat the terrifying Locust Horde, you, as Gabe, must gather a team of tough warriors and lead them deep into enemy territory. Your ability to outwit the adversary in this desperate struggle for existence will determine whether or not mankind survives.

Gears Tactics Download has a turn-based fighting system. Players lead a team of troops into battle against the Locust army, using the talents and strengths of each individual in the squad. The game’s fast-paced and exciting gameplay is the result of a seamless integration of cover-based shooting techniques, squad management, and strategic decision-making. You’ll be tasked with anything from saving captives to taking out high-value targets during each mission. Protecting your troops from opposing fire on the battlefield requires clever use of cover and the terrain. Players who approach it methodically and tactically are more likely to succeed. The comprehensive character customization system in Gears Tactics allows players to give their squad members unique looks and skills. Your soldiers will acquire experience and level up as you play, giving them access to new powers and talents.

Gears Tactics PC Game Latest Version

Furthermore, you may increase their lethality and battle efficiency by arming them with a variety of weapons and equipment. You may customize your team to fit your desired playstyle thanks to the many customization options. Gears Tactics PC Game has difficult and persistent opponent AI. The Locust Horde is a strong adversary that will try to outwit you at every turn. It will be necessary to adjust your strategy and take advantage of the weaknesses of the various opponent’s kinds you face. Every battle will put your tactical prowess to the test, from the huge Brutes to the nimble Wretches. Gears Tactics has several other game modes in addition to the main narrative. Taking on optional missions is a great way to level up your team and get access to more potent skills.

You may also put your tactical talents to the test in the game’s difficult multiplayer mode. Gears Tactics has excellent visuals. War-torn landscapes and abandoned towns from the Gears of War world are rendered with stunning fidelity. The character models are well crafted, evoking the grimy, battle-weary aesthetic of the show. Each battle has a sense of intensity and impact because of the game’s theatrical presentation and varied camera perspectives. Gears Tactics, in conclusion, is an outstanding tactical experience that skillfully adapts the series’ trademark high-octane action to the turn-based strategy genre. The game provides a new spin on the brand and is enjoyable to play because of its compelling plot, difficult gameplay, and stunning aesthetics. Gears Tactics is a must-play title that will keep you fascinated from start to end, whether you’re a fan of Gears of War or a strategy game fanatic.


During the conflict with the Locust horde, the story travels back in time 12 years to the start of the struggle on the planet Sera. Cinematic storytelling ensures that even those unfamiliar with the Gears series will be able to follow the events unfolding. As the player, you’ll take control of Gabe Diaz and help him build up his team as you travel through towns under siege from an unseen foe. The purpose of the new team is to track out the Yukon’s wicked genius and eliminate him once and for all. He works as a genetic engineer, producing ever more monstrous forms with which to subjugate humanity. All three of the game’s major antagonists—Rivera, Brumak, and Corpser—have him as a parent.

Game Features

  1. Tactical Turn-Based Combat: Gears Tactics introduces turn-based combat to the Gears of War universe, allowing players to strategically plan their moves and execute them on a grid-based battlefield. It blends the intense cover-based shooting mechanics of the series with the depth and strategy of a turn-based strategy game.
  2. Compelling Storyline: Set 12 years before the events of the original Gears of War, Gears Tactics presents a gripping narrative that explores the early days of the Locust War. Players take on the role of Gabe Diaz, a defiant soldier, and experience his journey as he assembles a squad and leads them on a mission to stop the Locust Horde.
  3. Squad Customization: The game offers a robust character customization system, allowing players to personalize their squad members. You can customize their appearance, abilities, and skills to create a team that suits your playstyle. As your squad progresses, they will gain experience and unlock new abilities, making them even more formidable in battle.
  4. Challenging Enemy AI: The Locust Horde is a relentless and intelligent enemy. The AI adapts to your strategies, flanking your squad, using cover effectively, and coordinating attacks. Each enemy type presents unique challenges, forcing you to think strategically and exploit their weaknesses to succeed.
  5. Dynamic Missions and Objectives: Gears Tactics features a variety of missions and objectives to keep players engaged. From rescuing hostages to assassinating high-value targets, each mission requires careful planning and execution. The game keeps you on your toes with dynamic objectives and unexpected events that can dramatically impact the course of battle.

Game Details

  • Gears Tactics-FitGirl Repack is the name of the release.
  • Tactics in Gearing
  • There will be a drop on April 28, 2020.
  • Strategies, Tactics, Isometrics, Three-dimensional, Turn-Based Games
  • Created By: The Coalition and Splash Damage
  • Xbox Game Studios, Publisher
  • Host System: Windows (Repack)
  • The Unreal 4 Engine

System Requirements

  • The processor and operating system must support 64 bits.
  • System software: 64-bit Windows 10
  • Intel Skylake i3 & AMD FX-6000 Processors
  • RAM Size: 8 GB
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti & AMD Radeon R7 260X – Graphics
  • Update to DirectX 12
  • High-speed Internet Access Network
  • The available storage capacity is 45 GB.
  • A DirectX-compatible sound card

How To Play?

  • It’s a file, so download WinRAR or 7zip and extract it.
  • Write the.iso to disc or mount it (with UltraISO or Daemon).
  • Install by starting setup.exe.
  • Get the first of three updates here.
  • Move the crack file from the CODEX directory to the install directory.
  • Have fun!

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